Social media platforms is a new market for comedians - Says Helen Paul

Nigerian popular Comedian, songwriter and actress, Helen Paul, has revealed that she is on social media because it is the platform to be for every comedian.

She disclose this to Saturday Beats, she said there is no comedian that is not online now. It is the new trend. Also, every comedian wants to be on TV. Everybody is thriving to sell in the market. Social media is the only platform to market yourself and people can easily see you without wasting much data connection. I don’t think there is any comedian in this word that is not on social media platforms.

She further added that she didn’t feel any sort of pressure from other social media comedians.
She revealed that whatever one fears in life, one would still end up facing it. I like enjoying myself and not interpreting rubbish. I love playing with characters. I am just having fun because I enjoy making people laugh. I just do it for fun; not out of fear or anything. some other professions, people had also change jobs. Nothing last forever, except God. After a while, new people would come in. As big as Michael Jackson was, there were still new ones that shone as well.

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