Nothing wrong with marrying older partner - Cynthia Shalom

Nigerian popular actress, Cynthia Shalom, and the winner of the ‘Next Movie Star Reality TV show’ 2015 edition has disclosed to Sunday Scoop about what she understand about women marrying older man.

Shalom revealed that ‘Women marrying older lovers is very common and it’s no news at all. I actually fancy women who marry older lovers. She is more likely to look up to him because he is older and has more experience which often leads to maturity. If an older man, who is worthy of one’s time knows what he wants in a relationship, it’s simple. As long as they are good to each other and their vision for the future is in harmony, why not? It is about the two of them as individuals and not the age difference. Age is only a number’.

Shalom further added that rejections were one of the hurdles she had to surmount while starting out in Nollywood. .
She said, “No one likes to hear ‘no’. I trained myself to accept ‘no’ though it took me a very long time to understand it. It doesn’t mean that one is not good, it just indicates that one may not be right for the particular role. Trying to fit in and stand out was also another challenge I faced. We are in a huge industry with so many people with talents and everyone is chasing the same thing.

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