Nigerian lady speaks after losing her 3 kids on New year's day (Read Details)

Uche Osagie, who was reportedly be the mother of the three young children who were killed in a crash on New Year’s Day In Canada, says she was travelling to file an appeal for permanent status.

CTV reports that Uche left Nigeria, 8 years ago, with her two oldest children for a better life in Canada, but was having difficulties acquiring permanent residency.

She says in mid-December, 2019, she had received a letter that her second appeal had been denied, so she travelled to Toronto to get a lawyer to file a federal appeal.

The distraught mom says the family was returning home to Chelmsford when the car she was driving hit a rock-cut killing her children, Britney 6-year-old, Flourish 10-year-old and Destiny 11-year-old.

However, the Police are not yet determined what caused the vehicle to leave Highway 17 and crash into the rock cut.

My son Destiny said 'no, I'm not going back to Nigeria. I want to live in Canada. I would rather die than be deported.’ Today, my son is going to be buried in Canada,” Osagie said.

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