[Must Read] Ceec replies khloe ,Thelma and others over this issue

Yesterday bbnaija’s housemates Thelma and khloe gave their opinions on the death of kobe bryant,Thelma said people should celebrate people more when they are alive as she also claimed people who knew him were grieving and writing” RIP”
Including people who didn’t know him also

On the other hand khloe came out to call Nigerians hypocrites for posting and grieving about Kobe Bryant’s death ,saying last week she posted about families and children that were stranded and nobody posted about it ,she further more said she was very disappointed with Nigerians.

Now ceec took to her Instagram page to reply her saying people who posted about Kobe Bryant’s death were people who were probably inspired by him .and no one has the right to tell someone how to mourn or grieve.

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