Man kills ’Dating Site’ Friend and eats his testicles (Read Details)

It was reported that, Mark Latunski 50-year-old, a Michigan citizen was arrested on Tuesday by cops after he allegedly murdering a man he met via a dating website and consuming certain parts of his body.

while compiling the information from ’WILX media outlet’ it said court documents revealed that the naked body of the victim, Kevin Bacon 25-year-old, was found hanging from the rafters by the ankles at Latunski’s home.

Bacon’s body was found when the detective arrived at Latunski’s house to perform a welfare check as it was the last location Bacon was believed to have been.

It was later revealed that Latunski confess that he killed Bacon by stabbing him from the back and slicing the his throat and testicles with a knife and ate them.

However, Latunski was charged with one count charge of murder and one count of mutilation of a human body.

It was revealed that the victim was first declared missing on Christmas Day after he did not return home.

It was further added that on November 2019, police received a call from Latunski’s community, informing them that a 29-year old man dressed only in a leather kilt was seen running from the a house while Latunski was seen chasing him.

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