Man dies during Sex competition on N50,000 in Lagos (Read Details)

A Nigerian man, who was identified as Davy, died during a sex competition with a commercial sex worker in a brothel in Ejigbo area of Lagos.

It was reported that the deceased checked into Graceland Brothel which was located at 21, Moshalasi Street, Ejigbo Lagos State, after having a bet of N50,000 with one of the commercial sex workers in the hotel, identified as Amaka, on who will surrender as first for the sex competition.

It was further disclose by one of the friend to the deceased who spoke on the condition of anonymity, he revealed that trouble started after the deceased boasted among his friends that he can spend almost two hours on a lady without getting tired. It was also added that while the conversation was on, one of them dared him to challenge the girl named Amaka, the commercial sex worker, who was described as a champion in the game.

It was reported that Amaka had challenged many young men in similar competition and she emerged victory. However, during Davy’s trial with her, he was reportedly slumped while on the seventh round.

DSP Elkana Bala, the Lagos State police public relations officer, described the incident as a Sudden and Unnatural Death. He also added that the incident occurred at about 12.45am on Sunday.

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