I'm a better dribbler than ’Okocha’ - Says Jaywon (Read Details)

Singer and actor, Iledare Oluwajuwonlo, popularly known as Jaywon opens up on his love for sports, his comparison with legendary Austin Okocha, hope for Nigerian football and many more in this interview with Ebenezer Bajela

You are a great Afro hip hop artiste; can we say the same about your knowledge of sports?
I’m not doing badly. I used to play football but these days because of time, I play more of table tennis and snooker.

Did you play any competition while in school?
Yes, when I was in secondary school I participated in inter-class competitions and I was really good but it was just unfortunate that I never won anything to show for my effort.

Which is your favourite position?
I like to play as a winger, that’s my favourite position because I’ve got lot of speed and I can dribble very well too.

Between you and Okocha, who would you say was the better dribbler?
I’m better than Okocha, and this is not just my own words. People did tell me I dribble better than him.

How come you never considered playing professional football?
Well, I tried, but at some point, if you’re not getting the right encouragement you lose interest. Where I’m from, my family makes sure you go to school and that’s why I made sure I finished my National Diploma before delving into music. Let me just say that football didn’t work for me the way I wanted it.

When was the last time you took to the pitch to play football?
I think it was early last year at Fun Turf in Lekki.

Do you watch European football?
Yes, I do but not all the time because of my busy schedule.

Which football club do you support?
I support quite a few. I’m a big fan of Arsenal; I also support Barcelona as well as Liverpool. But I’m more of an Arsenal fan but I think I just support good football at the end of the day.

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