Helen Idisi arrested in Spain for posing as UN official (See Details)

Spain Police officials has arrested, Helen Mukoro Idisi, for posing as President of the Spanish branch of UN Women, requesting funds and giving interviews to the media.

According to Deutsche Welle, the suspect, from Delta State, Nigeria, and with Spanish nationality, was detained in Denia on charges of impersonation and fraud.

It was reported that She was allegedly provided an online on legal courses and solicited funds to carry out many projects related to the institution she claimed to represent and participated in conferences. and she gave interviews in different media,

It was reported that the police began their investigation in mid-2018 when the police received a complaint from the New York based UN Women about a woman posing as the president of ‘UN’ Women in Spain and also calming to be the Spanish National Committee of ‘UN’ Women.

UN Women, is a body dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women, does not have a country office in Spain, according to its website.

After several complaint, the organization try to communicate with her to make her understand the illicit actions of what she is doing and told her to abide the rule but she refused.

She further claim to be the President of African Europe Chamber of Commerce, a non-existent organisation, and advisor on Diaspora and Auxiliary Affairs of Delta State

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