Harmattan has reduced our sales - kano Commercial Sex worker.

The harsh weather conditions of Kano state has disturbed the sex workers of the state has the weather got their customers to stayed indoor which prevent their customers from patronizing them.

One of the sex worker who hailed from Benue State whose name was withheld told our correspondent at Enugu road Sabongari that she used to realised between N8000 and 10,000 for short time service before the harmattan. She made it noted that this exclude her earning from TDB(till daybreak) customers which will earn her 5000 and 10000 depending on the customer that engaged her.

But this has been pathetic since the coming of harmattan. Her earnings from short time has reduced between N4000 and N6000 while she hardly get TDB.

Another worker named JAY who was at warri road said "the father of my child is not longer coming to be because of the business. He ran away. Few customers that used to assist me are nowhere to be found due to the prevailing harsh condition of the harmattan.

" The worst part of it all is that the few men that were around, instead of patronising us, they can be seen entering into taverns where alcoholic drinks are being sold" . She said

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