First Nigerian to be elected Albany County legislator in NY (Read Details)

29-Yr-Old Beroro Efekoro Becomes First Nigerian To Be Elected Albany County Legislator In NY

Beroro Efekoro, was a Nigerian citizen and he has been elected as an Albany County legislator in the state of New York.

It was reported that he was the first Nigerian-born politician to hold office in the county and one of the 10 new people joining the 39-member body.

however, years ago, along with his father and siblings, Efekoro relocated from Nigeria to the States. He was pursuing a degree in political science at a University of Albany, In 2014, before he became a US citizen.

Report revealed that he started a nonprofit International Organization for Education to help students in school and when he graduated in 2015, he was selected as a committee person by ’Carolyn McLaughlin’ who was then chairwoman of the Albany County Democratic Committee.

However, In November, Beroro Efekoro 29-year-old reportedly defeated the incumbent Albany Democrat Doug Bullock in the general election. it was stated that he will now represent the 7th legislative district, which encompasses the Beverwyck and Pine Hills neighbourhoods in Albany.

It was reported that ’Beroro Efekoro’ contested for the Common Council’s 11th ward seat against incumbent Judd Krasher and Democratic challengers ’Alfredo Balarin’ and Clifton Dixon in the year 2017, and it was unsuccessful. but presently now, Efekoro serves as the deputy ward leader for the 11th ward.

Beroro Efekoro In his open letter he said;  I’m very excited to jump in and get to work on the first day. Am looking forward to put in some initiatives that would improve education system in the neighborhood. I was involved in community service for almost all my life. I got elected as my senior class president just one year after and I arrived in the United State (U.S). before I got involved in the Democratic process even before I became a citizen. Am calling for Congress and calling for people to support the Affordable Care Act, to go out and vote for President ’Barack Obama’.

The report disclosed the he assumed office on January 1, 2020.

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