Fire outbreak at Ospoly, Iree (Read Full Details)

At Osun state polytechnic, Iree, around the students hostel area, popularly known as 'Oke Eleye'. It was reported that fire outbreaks at about 2pm yesterday.

According to a victim who disclosed the incident on phone to one of our correspondence, the victim said: it happens exactly 2pm and only three people were around when the shocking incident happened. And immediately they went to the school security but they didn't attend to them, however the school COS said they have no right to call them for the Fire outbreak because the only right they have is to secure the school and the school premises only.

However, one of the victim said the government should provide a fire station to iree people. Because the caretaker of the affected hostel is in hospital at the time of the report.

It was however added that, the student union government will take her time to investigate on the matter from the victims side on how the school COS and how the management can be of help on this kind matter incase of another time.

The union felt sorry over affected students.

Below is some pictures covered at the affected building:-

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