BREAKING NEWS!! Lassa fever deaths in Nigeria rise to 41 (Video)

Since the beginning of January,it has been reported that Lassa fever death toll has risen to 41 as cases were confirmed in more regions, Nigeria's disease control agency said.

NCDC has disclosed on Tuesday that since January 1st to January 26th the total of 258 confirmed cases, including five health workers, were reported across 19 states.

It was however disclosed that the latest figures marked an increase from 29 deaths and 195 confirmed cases given by the authorities for the period of January 24. And Lassa fever belongs to the same family as the Ebola and Marburg viruses, but is much less deadly.

However, Lassa fever mostly spread by contact with rat faeces or urine.

Remember that Nigeria declared an outbreak of the virus, a year ago and it's about 170 people died from the virus in 2019.

It was reported that NCDC said that the fatality rate was down to 15.9 percent from 19.7 percent during the same period last year.

The agency said although there has been a spike in the number of deaths reported for the week, the figure is still lower than the 42 deaths reported in January 2019.

The NCDC said at the weekend that it had activated a national emergency operations centre to coordinate the response "to the increasing number of Lassa fever cases" across the country.

Recall that the name of the virus comes from the town of Lassa in northern Nigeria where it was first identified in 1969.

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