[MUST READ] Osun State deputy governor send a strong warning to the general public

Osun State Deputy Governor, Olugboyega Alabi, has warned the general public against transacting any business with a suspected fraudster parading the state claiming herself as his wife.

Alabi said in a signed memo; the suspected fraudster had been buying things on credit from the people of Osun State with the claim that he was married to him.

A copy of the disclaimer was disclosed to one of our correspondent by one of the deputy governor’s media aides, Adeniyi Akinromade, on Monday evening.

While pointing that no one in his household buys things on credit, Alabi warned that he would not be liable for any transaction done with the said fraudster.

Read what he wrote in the letter below:-
It has come to my notice that an unscrupulous individual lady has been parading Osun State, claiming herself as my wife to innocent/unsuspecting people of the state and pledging my credit to collect valuables goods from them.

I herby warned the general public that my marital status remains unchanged in line with my official records and no lady or woman has my consent or is so authorised to pledge my credit or collect any goods on my behalf because i will not accept liability for such transactions.

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