MENTALLY CHALLENGE!!! Boy machetes 7 of his family members, 2 others to death in Imo

A mentally challenged boy, named ’Chigozie Orusa’, has been subjected to jungle justice after killing 9 people in Nempi, Imo state.

Chigozie is said to be a trader in Onitsha until he suddenly developed mental illness and was sent to his family for adequate attention.

However, his family members didn’t get him any medical help despite his worsening condition.

It was reported that in early hours of December 8, 2019, Chigozie went wild and macheted nine people to death.

Seven of his victims were his grandfather, 3rd wife of his grandfather and five of his cousins, while the other two victims were neighbors.

Meanwhile, he was later overpowered by the youth of the community and set ablaze.

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