Lawmakers, Quilox boss, Shina Peller released on bail (Read Full Details)

Shina Peller who was the owner of Quilox Club and a member of the House of Representatives, was reportedly released on bail.

Peller was detained on Monday, December 23, 2019, at Maroko Police Station in Lagos.

While reacting to this issue the Lagos State police’s spokesman, Bala Elkana, disclosed  that he was detained and arrested over the alleged of mobilising thugs to invade a police station. The vehicle of some of his club’s customers were towed to the police station for obstructing the free flow of traffic within the state.

He said, Honorable Peller is the owner of Quilox club and his customers are fond of parking on the road and blocking the road. If you want to pass through that area you will have tough times.

He further added that, the club will still be open till the following day morning, by 9am the club will be open but with several time of complaint they refused to drive their vehicles from the roadside and Lagosians were seriously disturbed.

The Lagos State governor was affected with this act on 24th morning. He  had to go through a lot of stress before passing through the side. This morning our patrol team decided to towed three of the vehicles out of that place so that people could be able pass.

Few minutes after our patrol vehicle towed that three disturbing cars. Mr Peller mobilized over 50 thugs to attack the Maroko Police Station to move those vehicles out, so we had to send reinforcement from other police stations before they were able to curtail the situation. That was what to the arrests of Honorable Peller alongside five of the thugs, while others escaped.

Peller was later released on bail after his case had been transferred to the State’s Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba, after the directives of ’CP Hakeem Odumosu’, the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State,

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