I loss my weight to live longer - Says Okon Lagos (Read Full Details)

Losing weight is a journey that many eagerly flaunt, especially when there’s remarkable progress. Nigerian actor and comedian, Ime Bishop, popularly called Okon Lagos, loss his weight and this caused a roused suspicion in the minds of his fans.

Bishop who is known for his signature pot belly has shocked many of his fans when he posted a new photos of his physique which has undergone a drastic transformation.

Okon in a chart with Saturday Beats, he disclosed that he would not be deterred by naysayers claiming that he underwent liposuction to lose fat.

He said; I lost my weight because I decided to live longer and happier. For one’s life to be longer and qualitative one needs to take care of one’s health. Being a comic actor that doesn't make me put on some weight, it is culinary and dietary indiscipline that made me add so much weight. When I grow into limelight, I don’t have big belly. my belly started develop over time and my fans adapted to it. They’ll also adapt to the fact that the belly is no longer there and I started my weight loss journey on November 1st.

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