G.O of Mount Zion Ministries arrested for allegedly raping a minor (Read Details)

Chukwudi Chukwumezie aka ‘Agudo Jesus’ the General Overseer of Mount Zion Ministries, Obosi, Anambra State, has been arrested for allegedly raping a minor.

The pastor, who is alleged to have been involved in previous cases of rape involving minors, was said to have lured the victim to his church, with the prophesy that she has a bright future but was hindered by evil spirits.

Haruna Mohammed, the police spokesman disclosed that the police obtained a medical report, showing that the victim had a penetration.

He also revealed that on 24th of September 2019, they got a report from a woman in Obosi police station that the pastor of Mountain Zion Ministry, Obosi had an unlawful canal knowledge of her daughter.

Some police officers went to the scene, inspected it and victim was rushed to hospital and medical report revealed that her vagina was penetrated and laceration of the hymen of the victim occurred.

Police went to the hotel and the evidence seen corresponded with what the victim told them, Haruna said.

The victim, was said to be a 15-year-old girl and she is an SS1 student, according to what she says, had been lured by the pastor into his car, after conducting a deliverance session on her.

‘I can’t remember what happened immediately I entered his car, but I regained consciousness when we get into the room and i was naked, during the moment while the pastor was on top of me on the bed and there was blood in my private part. She said.

The mother of the victim, named ‘Edith Idika’ also confirmed that her daughter was raped. I have visited the him with her daughter, when he told me she had to undergo deliverance.

‘At times i sent my daughter to the past, especially as the pastor had said that my daughter had bright future, but had something covering it. Her mother revealed.

The suspect however denied all the allegations against him and said he only prayed for the girl.

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