Commotion in Surulere and Pako as two rival cult groups clash (Read Details)

There was commotion in Pako and Surulere areas of Lagos State over a reported clash among two rival cult groups.

The residents of the areas told Newsmen that they were confused when they heard a cascade of gunshots. they further added that the shocking incident happened few minutes past 10am on Monday around Cassette Bus Stop.

A resident, named Olamide also said; We initially thought it was a robbery incident. But we later heard that they were cult members. We all had to run for our lives. When contacted the Police Public Relations Officer in Lagos State, Elkanah Bala, he said some team of Police officers had already been sent to the scene.

He said, The operation is ongoing. We have Police officers there to take care of the situation and tell us what actually happened. I was initially told it was a clash between some cults, but I don’t have the details yet.

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