BREAKING NEWS!! Donald Trump make history as third U.S President to be impeached

The President of United States of America, Donald Trump, was impeached for abuse of power in a historic vote in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, 18th November, 2019, by making a trial of removing him from office after three disorder years.

With vote of 230 to 197 in the Democratic majority House, the 45th United States president had became the third occupant of the White House in American history to be impeached.

The Democrats also revealed that they had no choice than to formally charge the 73-year-old Republican, whose impeachment was along stark party lines places an indelible stain on his record for driving a spike deeper into the U.S political to divide.

The lawmaker led by ’Adam Schiff’ who led the impeachment inquiry, ahead of the vote. said risky things are very idea of Americans.

Donald Trump will now stand trial in the Senate, where his Republicans hold a solid majority and are expected to exonerate him.

It was reported that the House vote came up four months after a whistleblower blew open the scandal of Donald Trump pressuring Ukraine’s president to investigate his potential White House challenger in the year 2020, the veteran Democrat Joe Biden.

Few minutes after 10hour debate, the lawmakers voted 229 to 198, to approve the second article of impeachment facing Donald Trump to the congressional probe into his Ukraine dealings.

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