Amend Nigeria constitution to accommodate peculiarities of Shari'a - Says CJN

The 'Chief Justice of Nigeria' named Mr Ibrahim Muhammad, has called for the amendment of the Nigeria constitution to accommodate more aspects of the Shari’a law.

DailyTrust reports that Mr Muhammad said this on Thursday 12th December, 2019, at the 20th Annual Judges Conference that held at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

At the two-day conference which was Documentation of 'Contracts in Islamic Law, Procedure, Sample Precedents and Practice'.

Mr Muhammad urged the academics to champion the cause of redesigning the methods of teaching Shari’a law.

Mr Muhammad also added that the implementation of his suggestions would be more feasible if universities give the Shari’a law its own faculty. we have many sections of the constitution that allow the implementation of Shari’a law and apart from that we have the number to amend the constitution to suit our own position as Muslims.

Mr Muhammad also highlights the importance of the Shari’a legal system to the legal profession, He said Shari’a law ought to be taught in Arabic language in Nigerian universities.

Mr Muhammad further added that Shari’a law should be taught in Arabic Language not English Language. There is no university in Nigeria that runs Shari’a in Arabic Language, they all teach Shari’a in English, So academicians let’s also look into this issue.

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