Two Cultists And Alleged Robbers Arrested With Their Gun In Lagos (Read Details)

Two robbers and members of Aiye and Eiye Confraternities were on Friday night arrested by the Operatives of Rapid Response Squad after a failed attempt to dispossess two occupants of a vehicle in Iyana Ipaja, Lagos State.

The suspects named as follow, Abbey Kolawole, 40yr-old, Ikenna Eze, 30yr-old and Femi (now at large) had accosted two occupants of a vehicle, who were having private discussions.

The occupants were reported to have locked and rolled up themselves in the car before the suspects got there. According to Eze, Femi, the leader of gang, brandishing gun, ordered the occupants to alight from the car but they refused.

"He shot into the air, and threatened to shoot the occupants. He was attempting to fire the second shot when the locally made double barrel gun hooked", he said.

By this time, the residents of the area had emerged to check what was happening. The robbers fled in different directions and abandoned their gun.

While the leader of the gang escaped, both Kolawole and Eze were unlucky and were apprehended. According to Eze, Femi invited the gang out to the house of a resident of Shagari Estate, Iyana – Ipaja with the intent of killing him.

He had stated that one of the occupants of the vehicle had had earlier besieged Femi's residence in Agege Abattoir in company of many cult members and threatened to kill him.

But Femi in retaliation wanted to maim the man first. “Femi was the one who knew the road, he escaped while we, strangers in that community, were arrested,” he added.

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