Reason Behind Why Tobi broke up with Kim Oprah (Read Full Story)

The reported relationship between Tobi Bakare and Kim Oprah hit the rocks and no real reason was given and now an Instagram blogger, Gistlover has revealed what really caused the breakup.

According to the blog, Tobi got hinted that Kim Oprah was cheating on him with an old man living abroad. This made him end the affair which many were made to believe will leads to wedding bells ringing.

In a post by the blog; ’Meet Aunty Lisa, the sugar in Tobo G tea, Yes Tobi had a serious thing with Kim Oprah before it was revealed that Kim Oprah was seeing one 56 years old abroad based man who goes by the name Money, lover boy got an hint of the relationship and couldn’t hold himself together, well they are still gbenshing o but nothing serious again.

The blog further said; although Lisa and Tobi have been together before the fame, they were doing on and off in the relationship, Everyone who was at the moist beach saw how they were all over each other. Big-man  use him main page follow our wife, use him photography page, fan page still follow join she followed baba main page and his business page too, Aunty Lisa page was in public earlier today but immediately i posted about unveiling the new boo she quickly put her page back to private, Mrs Bakre in the making swipe to see her fine face I come in peace.”

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