Nigeria launches first ever sex offender register (Read Full Details)

Nigeria launched its first national sexual offenders register at Abuja on Monday 25th Nov. 2019, The setting is for database of those convicted for sexual violence in a move seen as an important step towards clamping down on abuse.

It was also said that the ’Sexual Offender Register’ will contain the names of all who are prosecuted for sexual violence in Africa’s most populous nation since 2015.

The record will be available for online check to help the public, state bodies and police to conduct background checks and identify repeat offenders.

It was also said that those who are cleared will also be in listed recorded for the register to only make it available to law enforcement agencies, amid concerns by campaigners that the majority of sexual offenders escape prosecution due to failings in the justice system.

While addressing the audience, minister for humanitarian affairs, Sadiya Farouq, praised the initiative and said that the ’The register will serve as a strategy to stop those engaged in violence against women’.

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