I target old lonely sex-starved women - Serial blackmailer (Read Details)

A suspected ‘most wanted’ serial rapist, Chuks Emmanuel, has been arrested in Egbeda, Lagos State, for alleged rape and fraud. .

It was gathered by police that the female victims had complained bitterly on how the alleged suspect ’Emmanuel’ lured them to hotel rooms where he subjected them to all sorts of blackmails after sleeping with them.

 While the suspect reacting, he said: “I came to Lagos few months ago and things were very rough for me. As I could no longer bear hunger.

I thought on how to survive and the thought of getting some ladies that I would have sex with and blackmail them thereafter. .

I thought of the most vulnerable and I discovered that the best target should be the matured, lonely and single ladies. I signed up a Facebook account with the name Dr. Chibuzor, MD/ CEO Health Wellbeing Therapy. .

My efforts paid off as single and matured ladies started accepting my friend’s requests. I started chatting with them, from chatting; the relationship would develop to love and affection.

When I gain their confidence, I would request to meet with them in any of the three choice hotel that I used.

They would honour my invitation, for them to feel that I was a big guy, I would tell them to give me their location where my boy would come and pick them.

After picking them and I will start pretending as an errand boy to the big man who invited them. When we arrive the rooms, I would ask them to relax, as my master would soon arrive.

After some hours, I would come back to the room and inform that my master would no longer be around as an important assignment took him outside Lagos.

It is at that moment that I would start working on their brains; telling them how I would assist if they would agree to have sex with me.

They usually agree and after sex, I would demand for money and they willingly give me. I wasn’t using diabolical means.

Many ladies out there are sex starved. I did not rape them. I have questions for my victims: did any of them raise alarm when I was raping them and why did they not report to the hotel management?”

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