Bill Recognizing Males As Rape Victims, Passes Second Reading (Read Details)

Second reading of a bill to review some provisions of the Criminal Code Act was passed on Tuesday by Nigerian Senate.

The bill to amend the Criminal Code Act Cap C38 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria in, 2004, it was sponsored by Oluremi Tinubu.

It seeks to amend some portions of the main Act and delete portions of Sections 218 and 221, amend the definition of rape as contained in Section 357, as well as increase punishment for kidnapping in Section 364.

Mrs Oluremi Tinubu revealed that the definition of rape as contained in the main Act makes rape seen as a crime committed against women alone.

The Criminal Code disclosed that a man commits rape when he has carnal knowledge of a woman against her will, if it happens without her consent, or if that consent was gotten by coercion. In Nigerian law, only women can be raped.

“The Criminal Code Act explain rape in Section 357 of Nigerian law as an offence against women. However, times indicate that there are incidents of non-consensual sex perpetrated against the male gender also.

This explanation particularly grievous because it perpetuates the socio-cultural belief that men do not need to consent to sexual acts.

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