A Nigerian Young Guy Burns All His Certificate Over this... (Read Details)

According to the trending video, it was recorded that a young frustrated Nigerian guy has burns all his school certificates.

The young boy claims that Nigerian education is a total waste of time and scam after spending so much funds on his education, at the end of everything there will be job scarcity.

He reveals that the rich men will fly their own children abroad to study and after completing their education, they will get them a better offer while the the poor family will be jobless

According to what he said in the video; 
“I am burning all my certificates because education in Nigeria is a scam our leaders are there telling bullshit.
Only the rich ones will fly their children abroad to study, I am burning all my certificates, am burning everything.
I can not allow a white man to control me, an Igbo man will be there rich, do you think is education”

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